Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Angels Speak Out

For our kids' program this coming Sunday, we've been asked to present the Christmas story from the angels' point of view. Flexing some old Theologiggle muscles and drawing on sources ranging from Martin Luther to Ask a Ninja to Touched by an Angel, we will be presenting the following:


So, you kids ever met one of the Heavenly Host before? You know, a security angel. Yeah, it’s a pretty cool job. There’s a lot of travel, see the universe, fight demons, that kind of thing.

So, what can I tell you about angels?

Do we all sing? No…

Do we have wings? Depends on the mission. If we need wings, we bring ‘em.

Do we eat that spongy white cake? Please!

Are we dangerous? Hey, plenty of demons have learned that the hard way! Even when we’re just making a friendly visit, any human who sees us with our glory switched on usually needs resuscitation. We have that effect on people.

So don’t be too hard on the shepherds just because they were “quaking at the sight.” You would have been quaking too! But Gabe told them, don’t panic guys, I have good news, for the whole world—a Savior, Christ, the Lord, has been born to you this day. In Bethlehem, of all places.

Did they understand what he was saying? I doubt it. Hey, there’s a lot about this whole mission that I don’t understand. And I’ve been thinking about pretty much nothing but this mission for the last 9 months. There has never been a security detail like this. We’ve run a perimeter in Nazareth, cleared the corridor down to Bethlehem, even sent an advance team down to Egypt. Ever done a background check on a donkey? Hey, we have to be thorough! It’s very dangerous down here, especially with the Enemy at work.

Yeah, I realize the Boss knows what He’s doing. He always has a plan, and the darkness has never overcome the Light. But it looks to me like He’s running a huge risk, setting aside His glory, letting Himself become a helpless little baby. All I can say is, I hope you humans realize how much He cares for you…

Roger that. Delta 12, we have an intercept from Herod’s palace. Scramble blue team. Repeat, scramble blue team. Sorry guys, gotta go. Peace on earth, good will to men.


Was that security angel just in here? Those guys are so macho—it’s kind of cute. I’m an angel of mercy. You’ve maybe heard of us before. You humans don’t often see us—or at least, you don’t usually recognize us—but many of you have felt our touch when you were alone, or hurting, or afraid.

Not long after Gabe and the troops headed out on their “secret mission,” I was sent to Galilee, to the little village of Nazareth, to a young woman named Mary. Her situation was so like thousands of others, and yet so different. She was alone, confused, asking God why. Her parents were upset and her fiancĂ©e was thinking of breaking up with her. We helped her find a place to stay with her cousin Elizabeth, who was also expecting. That seemed to work out well for both of them. And eventually we got Joseph on board too. He’s a good guy really; he just needed a little extra help.

So what’s Mary like? Besides full of grace? Well, you wouldn’t know she’s special just to look at her. She’s pretty but not glamorous (I think everything in her closet is blue…) and she has this kind of dorky laugh—she laughs a lot. Cries a lot too. Wears her heart on her sleeve. And loves to sing. You know, she writes her own songs?

The birth was hard for Mary and Joseph. They were already so tired after the trip; and I know Mary had been hoping for a nicer place than that stable. Joseph did his best to help, even though he didn’t really know what he was doing. Don’t tell anybody, but those “swaddling clothes” were Joseph’s boxers the day before! And then there He was, little Jesus, looking—even to me—just like any other human baby. He has her eyes.

Can I let you guys in on an angel secret? For the last 9 months, the Word was silent. You know, the Word that said “Let there be light” and holds the galaxies in place, the Voice that leads the song of all creation? Then last night, the silence was broken—we could hear Him again. But He had no words, just a baby’s cry. He’s going to have to learn to talk, just like you did. When He speaks again, I hope you listen.

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Ron Rienstra said...

Outstanding, friends! I busted out at "scramble blue team!"