Sunday, February 10, 2008

Some Seasonal Thoughts

Courtesy the good folk at Kansas City Catholic.

Check out the whole thing...

(Note: picture #18 is mistaken -- the word "contradiction" should be "contrition." I'm sure the folks at KCC are deeply sorry for this error.)

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Dawn B said...

How I wish I had thought of this idea--talking church signs in dialogue. We have some of the weirdest signs around our town, ranging from the dopey to downright rude. My least favorite to date:
"Don't like God? Then stop breathing his air!"
How's that for communicating grace?
We are mercifully spared from the message ideas of some of our dear folks by the fact that our sign's letters have to be HUGE and can't spell out very much.
There are a few people looking into getting one of those electronic animated signs though. I live in dread.