Sunday, December 11, 2005

From the Archives

I don't know if anyone noticed, a few days ago I changed the little icon that shows up when you access this page from the generic "blogger" icon (what is this called anyway) to one unique to Theologiggle.

I have the one that appears in your browser (you could call this the ruminant-derriere or "rumierre" for short) and I also have this one below from my old computer backup CDs. This was after the Riestra's time, but I'll give you one guess whose head this depicts.

As I recall this became the show logo that year and we even made t-shirts out of it. I had some other files from the show, unfortunately in PageMaker 5 format.

Anyway, we should vote on whether to use the "rumierre" or "combover" icon, let me know what you think.


Ron Rienstra said...


I'd noticed the icon yesterday, thought it was super cool, called the kids and Deb over to see it, and then actually spent a few microjules of mental energy trying to think of a clever one for the RONdezvouz site. That was an unsuccessful project. But I do love the rumierre. Well done!

Phil Smith said...

When one of your kids was born you sent out a birth announcement that was a little caricature of you and Deb, maybe you should use one of those.

I made the icon 32 x 32 and stuck it up on the web, it might even get reduced down to 16 x 16 in the final version (so not much room for details)

Dawn B said...

Mr. Phil,
You are so techno-hip!
Although the comb-over will always have a special place in my heart, the rumierre is somehow still so funny. What is it that makes butts intrinsically humorous?

Jack Brown said...

I still have that combover T-shirt. It makes for very interesting conversation.