Saturday, December 31, 2005

Blog-naming Contest

Calling all creative friends o' Ron: I need your help.

I am in the midst of a project setting up a Worship Resource blog for the Presbyterian Church. It will be a "collaborative collection of resources and commentary for those who plan and lead Christian worship." Before we can go further, we need to decide on a name.

The committee in charge have had some good discussions about titles, but the majority of them are rather, well, blah. Boring. Blandly descriptive -- like the stuff that comes after the colon in a dissertation title. For example: "WorshipResources." Or "Worship4Life." Or "ResourcesforWorshipPraxis."

What I think we need is a name that's got a little pique, a little zazz, a little - how do you say - je ne sais quoi. Brainstorms in that direction have yielded a couple obscure options: "Plucking Heads of Grain," "HolyThings," "From Ur to There," and "WikiOrdo."

These aren't bad, but they're not so good, either. The lead name at this point is "WorshipHelps" -- which has some interesting complexity of meaning. And yet...

I suspect that the right folks can rise to the challenge of coming up with a name that splits the difference between sexy and soporific. I know if any group on the planet can come up with good stuff, it's all of you. All suggestions welcome!


Phil Smith said...

Sometimes an acronym yields cool results. From your description, let's see...


OK, plan B. Jana and I poke fun of the hymn "Earth and All Stars" in the hymnal, so how about

Of course, that might be a bit too much of an inside joke. I thought of

but Jana gave that the big thumbs down. How about something uniquely Presbyterian, such as

On a related note, the other day at the movies they had a commercial trying to wish everyone a happy holidays, they called this time of year Christmahannukakwanzaa.

Phil Smith said...

After a few minutes of more serious thought, we were thinking of finding a cool sounding Greek word that has an appropriate meaning, e.g.,

glory (doxa?)

What would the opposite of apocrypha be, i.e., revealed writings? Jana could only find her Greek to English lexicon, so this should get passed up the chain to someone more learned.

Ron Rienstra said...


Our group bandied about some greek options, including "doxoloblog" - but ended up believing they would be too out there for your vanilla presbyterian church. Of course, I hope the site appeals to much more than just presbyterians.

And by the way, one of the greek words for worship is "latreia" - which sounds uncomfortably close to "latrine." Sigh.

My latest idea emphasizes the collaborative nature of the site: "WorshipStew." What think ye?

Dawn B said...

Interesting challenge.
"WorshipStew" has some appeal, but almost sounds a bit too much like what you get in worship--just whatever anybody happened to thrown in.

How about "WorshipStorming?" (as in a place for brainstorming about Worship)

Andrew Burnett said...

OK, what you have is a storehouse, a treasury, of precious resources in the Presbyterian tradition... hm... how about--

or if you want to include edgy, emergent (or, as we use out in the cornbelt, post-emergent) content, how about

Jana Riess said...

I love WorshipHotDish best of all. Of course, that works more for all the Loootherans out there.

Have you ever heard the funny song "Naming the Band"? If you can't think of a good blog name, you could at least make up a song about how impossible and time-consuming it is to find a good blog name.


todd k said...

o.k., I'm not part of this group and shouldn't be sticking my nose in , but as an occasional RONDevous visitor, I can't resist submitting this along the hotdish theme:


with a nod to Betty Crocker or whomever