Monday, February 27, 2006

Bringing Monster Truck Marketing to the Church

I just ran across this post on Typepad, where a Birmingham church member put together a fake radio spot for his Sunday service. To quote the creator:

"It wasn't with the intention of making a commercial--I was just goofying around," says McKenzie. "The idea hit me right after 10:30 mass--it's high mass, very formal liturgy. What would happen if you took formal liturgy and combined it with a monster truck rally?"

I would suggest a quick trip to the bathroom before listening, as this one is very, very funny. And completely in the style of Theologiggle. So much so, perhaps the current troupe should, ahem, borrow the idea. There is also an "airline announcement" version giving the church's info.


Ron Rienstra said...


Got a HUGE kick out of this. I listen to it now and think I actually hear this guy channeling Andrew.

Phil Smith said...

Glad you liked it Ron. It is very much in the good-taste-but-way-over-the-top category that Andrew has a phase lock on.

The interesting question is, now that the ad has gained such notoriety, will they actually run the ad on the air?

Dawn B said...

All we can say is--we wish we had thought of it.
We had our whole staff in my office falling on the floor.
We've done the "SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY!" bit before, but never really carried it all the way through.
Our favorite part though is "The Church WIth The BIG RED DOORS!!" Somehow, that little bit the funniest part.

Phil Smith said...

I like the part where the crowd collectively gasps.

I heard Mel Brooks once discussing the outrageous things they did in Blazing Saddles. He said that if you sneak up onto a neighbors porch to ring the bell, but stop before you actually ring the bell, then what's the point? So he said that they decided to ring the bell, big time. And I think this guy did, too.