Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Picture Yourself in a Boat on a River...

Friends, fellow Star-Trek fans, this is beyond expressing in its hilarity.


Phil Smith said...

Very, very funny Ron. Some very bad audio and video (like this) is out there, but the original artists are trying to keep it hidden. It reminds me of hearing about the Star Wars Holiday Special. You can read all about it here:


Andrew Burnett said...

We love it. I think we have a bootleg tape of the entire album somewhere. The only song I can remember right now is Hey Mr. Tamborine Man, which is at least as trippy. "MR. TAMBORINE MAN!!!" comes out just like "KHANNN!!" from Star Trek II.
From the fact that we were able to watch the video at all, you would infer correctly that we just got real broadband. Or in my case, wireless g54 [OK, the pipe is only 8; but it means I can have some signal degradation and still be smokin' fast.] I finally made it to the 21st century.
Data... sweet data... Moo-Ha-Ha!!!